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Silent Install
Posted by Tawna Kjera on 03 August 2017 11:10 AM
Follow the instructions below to "Silent Install" the program:
  1. Generate a response file. The easiest way of doing that is as follows:
    • Open command line and navigate to the setup.exe location.
    • Once there, run the following "Statix.exe" -r -f1C:\Response.iss (note lack of space between -f1 and the path. Feel free to change C:\ to any desired path). This will start installation and save selected options to the response file for use elsewhere.
  2. On your other machines, you'll want to run
    • "Statix.exe" -s -f1C:\Response.iss
    • (replacing C:\ with whatever the applicable path is)
This will cause the installer to use the response file instead of requiring active responses from a user, as it runs hidden in the background.

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