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My particles "explode" around my injection box
Posted by on 22 July 2014 06:56 AM

If your particles seem to explode from the base of your injection box, it means that the injection box is too close to the belt.  Particles that are piling up on the belt are entering the injection box from the outside.  The new engine does not detect collisions inside the injection box, it assumes the injection box to be a safe place to create particles.  Since it is not performing collision detection, the newly injected particles are becoming deeply embedded within the particles entering the injection space from the outside.  

As soon as the newly injected particles reach the edge of the injection box, collision detection is performed and the deeply-embedded particles are seen as deeply compressed springs with nothing to keep them compressed, thus the energetic and explosive behavior.

To prevent this, raise your injection box sufficiently from the belt to prevent particles from entering the injection space.


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