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Adding a Brake
Posted by Mark Alspaugh on 11 October 2010 06:48 PM
If a conveyor calculation indicates the application is regenerative (generates power) a brake(s) will be automatically added.

If more than one Drive pulley already exists, it will spread the required brake torque equally over all the Drive pulleys. If only one drive pulley actually has a brake attached, go to the Drive Tab, scroll down to the "Brake Ratio" line and input "0" (zero) on the non-brake drive pulleys.

If the brake is located on another pulley which does not have a brake on it, you must turn this pulley into a "Drive" pulley on the Geometry tab before a brake can not be placed there. Once the drive has been identified in the proper location, go back to the Drive tab and input "0" (zero) in the Nameplate Power line and zero out all the other drive inputs on the Brake Ratio line.

A brake can also be added to any drive pulley even if the conveyor is not regenerative and the brake is used to stop it quicker than its natural drift time. Input a Brake Time or Brake Torque in the Stopping box on the main screen to get the Brake Ratio to appear in the Drive Tab.

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