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Drive Pulley Lagging- The Importance of Proper Technical Analysis and Selection
Posted by - NA - on 11 October 2010 04:47 PM
A follow-up paper to “Ceramic Lagging – A Good Thing Can Be Costly if Misused” presented at
the 2006 annual meeting. The performance of drive pulley lagging has become much more
important in recent years due to higher torque drives, higher conveyor belt speeds, and the use
of ceramic lagging. The popularity of ceramic lagging is due to the reduced risk of drive pulley
slip and reduction of lagging wear. However, the application of ceramic lagging to a pulley can
lead to lagging failure of costly wear to the belt; the most expensive component on the
conveyor. Modern analysis and simulation tools and a better understanding of how lagging and
belting interact during torque transmission are necessary for a modern conveyor designer to
select this relatively inexpensive but important component. Case studies will be presented as
well as analysis techniques.


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