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Belt Analyst 13 Manual Activation
Posted by Henry He on 28 May 2013 10:45 AM
You should Always Check if your IT Department will allow access to our Online Activation Server through your firewall/proxy first. the Addresses that need to be allowed are
WARNING: If you have a floating license, you cannot manually activate because the license requires checking in with the main server
Sometimes IT cannot allow our licensing servers for these purposes and other we provide a manual activation method for Belt Analyst. Please be advised that although like Online activated versions you'll be able to deactivate, but unlike Online Activated versions you will not receive that activation back to be used on another computer. For this reason we strongly advise Online activation. However if you need to Manual Activation is very simple.

1) At the Blue License Form where you can click activate online or click exit, instead press "Shift + Ctrl + Alt + M"
2) A Button Should appear labeled "Activate Manually", Once Clicked on this will open a larger form.
3) From Here Enter you License Number and Password just as you would for an online activation and then click "Generate Request", This will populate the activation request Box below
4) You can then click Copy to Copy the entire request onto your clipboard, then click Open Activation Web Page.
5) If you truly do not have any internet connection on the computer you are on, you can save the request to a file and Copy the Activation Webpage onto Clipboard and save that in a word Document or Text File and move those files via Flash drive to a computer with online access.
6) Once the web page is open you can either paste the Request from clipboard on the left or upload the file you saved on the right. Then Click the submit button Below.
7) On the next page you can find the Activation response in the textbox. There will also be a button to download it into a file called response.xml
8) Either paste the response to the lower textbox called Activation Code or load the file you downloaded, If you choose to paste it into the textbox, then click activate.
9) You should see an Activation Successful message, click OK and you should be done.

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