Knowledgebase: Belt Analyst
Posted by Mark Wilbur on 18 January 2012 10:45 AM
Belt Analyst calculates two different backstop torques.

In the Pulleys tab, there should be a line for Backstop Required (this will say Yes for only one pulley if a backstop is needed). Under this line are two lines for backstop calculations, called Min Backstop Rating and Backstop Torque.

The Min Backstop Rating is calculated to prevent the motor from moving backwards. When the conveyor is starting, the motor will start building up torque before the belt starts to move. If power is lost while during this scenario, there needs to be a backstop in place to dissapate the torque, so this number is based on the maximum breakdown or stalled torque of the motor.

The Backstop Torque is calculated to prevent the belt from moving backwards. Any time a conveyor has an inclined section loaded, and the conveyor stops, the material load on the belt will attempt to make the conveyor run backwards. In this scenario, the backstop needs to withstand the force created by the material load, so this number is the force required to lift the load vertically minues one-half the force required to move the belt and load horizontally.

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