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Load On/Load Off
Posted by Tawna Kjera on 19 April 2011 01:07 PM
The Load On/Load Off feature represents an empty belt running at full speed, being fully loaded then completely emptied starting at the tail of the conveyor. As this process runs, watch the percentages at the bottom of the screen to insure no value exceeds 100 percent. If a value does exceed 100 percent, exit the Load On/Load Off and recreate the situation. If the loading is temporary, the system should be fine if the percentage is not too high. If the rating is above what the users’ company will permit, the design of the failing section will have to be changed.

To use the Load On/Load Off feature, go to the top menu bar and select Edit -> Loading -> Carry ->Load On and Off. A small window will pop up with an End, Pause, Play, Time Step, Step, and Step No. options. By hitting the play button, the entire loading and unloading situation will be completed.

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