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Pulley Wizard
Posted by Tawna Kjera on 19 April 2011 01:01 PM
To open the pulley wizard, go to the Flights Tab in Belt Analyst and click on the Wizard button at the top of page. This page will give you the option to change multiple characteristics of each individual pulley including pulley diameter at the top of the page and the clockwise-counter clockwise orientation in the drop down menu directly beneath the pulley diameter. Two of three of these next options can also be changed: length of belt segment, lift of belt segment, or wrap angle of the belt. By changing two of these options, the last one will automatically be calculated. For each pulley, both the incoming belt information and outgoing belt information will be displayed.

As in Belt Analyst, the values that are the inputted values are in thick blue text while the following value or calculated value is in thin blue text. Black text cannot be changed.

There is a drop down menu at the top of the window called “Pulley No.:”. This will allow the user to view different pulleys in the system. The user can also navigate to different pulleys by using the “Next” button and the “Previous” button located in the bottom right hand corner of the window. There is also a checkbox located just above these buttons called “Step through belt segments”. If this box is checked, hitting the “Next” or “Previous” buttons will move the user through the pulleys and belt segments chronologically.
Before entering the values for the pulleys, it is a good idea to understand the basic profile of the conveyor. Go through each pulley and key in the values provided. Finish inputting values for every pulley in the system before trying to change the orientation; sometimes the orientation will work itself out after the correct angles have been inputted. Once all data has been added to the Pulley Wizard, go through each pulley again and check orientation and make corrections where they are needed.