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Belt Analyst v15
Posted by Mark Alspaugh on 20 August 2015 10:49 PM

Belt Analyst v15 has been released!! You can find a list of all the new features here: If your MES is current and you want to upgrade to 15, open Belt Analyst, click Help, then Check Program Updates. In the Updates Page, click on the upgrade link provided. Training videos on the new features have also been added to the eTraining website. If you need a quote to renew your MES, please email Tawna at with your name, company and License ID.

There is a new eTraining site that is only accessible to current MES users. To view the training videos, open Belt Analyst, click Help, then Online eTraining. If you have not accessed this site before, you will need to create a new account. To do this, open the eTraining tab, click on Log In, then Create New Account. After you are approved, you will have access to all videos.

A new remote deactivation feature has been added. If your computer has crashed, been reformatted or you simply do not have it available, you can now deactivate your license without needing support. For directions on how to remotely deactivate, please visit our website here:

Below is all the information about the license(s) that belong with this particular contact. Please note that all the licenses for your company may not reside under one contact. Again, reply to Tawna at and request any changes or updates.

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Bulk Flow Analystâ„¢ 14.1 Released
Posted by Clint Hudson on 22 July 2014 05:01 PM

Bulk Flow Analyst™ version 14.1 was released July 14, 2014

New features include:

  • abilities to characterize vibration in a boundary component within the BFA interface
  • abilities to characterize oscillation in a boundary component within the BFA interface
  • ability to generate video using the cloud
    • users no longer have to download results to generate videos
    • users can produce many videos simultaneously
  • users no longer have to store projects withing a folder
  • simulations no longer must reside in the project folder

There were a number of other features added as well as usability issues addressed and bugs fixed.

Users current on MES can download and run BFA 14.1 today!

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Belt Analyst v14 Released May 15, 2014
Posted by Mark Alspaugh on 13 June 2014 07:07 PM

A new major released was announced May 15, 2014. Please click here to see new features and updates. 

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New Support Site
Posted by Mark Alspaugh on 06 December 2013 07:35 PM

You may note the new look fo our support site. We continue to try to provide the best support possible and we hope this site upgrade will help provide more information and answer questions quicker in the future. 

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